Maiden Erlegh River Academy is being established by the Maiden Erlegh Trust and is a natural extension of the Trust’s commitment to providing opportunity, diversity and success for all and prioritising the education, well-being and personal development of every student.

A well-known provider of high-quality education for local communities, the Trust opened Maiden Erlegh School in Reading in September 2015, which has been oversubscribed ever since and was graded ‘Good’ in all categories by Ofsted in June 2018.

The Trust also has a strong reputation for initial teacher training and school improvement through its Berkshire Teaching School Alliance.


Maiden Erlegh River Academy will initially work closely Maiden Erlegh School in Reading for support, given their common experience as free schools and their catchment areas.

The school plans to have a Local Advisory Board (LAB) from the start, initially chaired by a member from the Trust pool and accountable to the charitable Trust. We will recruit school governors as much as possible from the local and relevant business communities.

Members of the Trust and school governors will meet regularly with the Headteacher and school staff in order to provide both challenge and support for the school. They will act as critical friends to the school.

As our Trust develops, to support governance and school-to-school support, we will develop a ‘hub’ approach. This will enable us to have ‘lead’ schools which can support others through their headteachers and LAB Chairs.

If you are interested in a governance role, please get in touch.