Vision and Ethos

Maiden Erlegh River Academy will provide a high-quality, aspirational and inclusive education within a community where every student can find their place, feel safe and happy, and aim high, based on their own merits and aspirations.

Each member of staff will be supported, developed and have opportunities to grow and contribute their strengths to the organisation.

The curriculum will be an integrated matrix of taught and enrichment elements, aimed at developing academic and course learning, cultural capital, personal development, student leadership and preparation for the world of work and life in modern Britain. As a result, each element will be carefully designed to support and challenge and to ensure as many doors remain open to our students, whatever their starting points, needs or potential barriers to learning or achieving their academic and personal potential.

One of the most important elements is that every child is known to their teachers as a person in their own right and their aspirations and learning journey are as important as anyone else’s. Teachers and other staff have a responsibility to know their starting points, aspirations and, where necessary, to meet their individual needs, never to ‘cap’ them, but also to develop their independence and resilience.