Welcome to Maiden Erlegh River Academy, a state-funded secondary school for students aged 11-16 which has been approved by the Department for Education (DfE) into the ‘pre-opening’ phase. This is the first milestone in the journey to a successful opening in north Reading as it means that we are now able to progress our plans and make our vision a reality.

One of the first tasks of the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) is to secure a suitable site for our school and a provisional opening date will be agreed with the DfE once this has been secured.

Maiden Erlegh River Academy will be a high quality, inclusive school for students of all abilities and aspirations, and from all backgrounds. Through the school’s rich and broad curriculum, we will provide opportunities to study a range of GCSE and vocational courses.

The school will not only equip students with skills and qualifications that will enable them to access high quality post-16 study or apprenticeships but will also prepare them for a range of career opportunities both locally and further afield. It will also increase parental choice in north Reading and address the current shortfall in secondary places within the borough.

The school plans to open with an intake of 180 Year 7 students, growing organically with the same intake each year, until reaching full capacity of 900 students.

We look forward to welcoming the parents and students of Maiden Erlegh River Academy into the Maiden Erlegh Trust family of schools, and to working closely with the community, the local authority and other schools in the area to ensure that we can shape our vision for Maiden Erlegh River Academy to meet the needs and ambitions of the community it will serve.

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